Afro Samurai Quotes


Afro Samurai:

  • Nothing personal. It’s just revenge.
  • Shut Up!



  • With this headband on my forehead, I will rule this world as God himself! 
  • It’s unfortunate you had to see this, boy. This moment will always haunt you. Challenge me when you are ready to duel a god.
  • This is it, kiddo. Here’s where you go down! 
  • I’m finally becoming God! 


Ninja Ninja:

  • Add one more body to the body toll. May God rest this poor b@stard’s soul.
  •  Is that an RPG? You got a motherfuckin’ RPG? An RPG in a motherf@ckin’ backpack?
  • Man, you really are a cold-blooded motherf@cker.