Bushiroad Announces New TCG Project; Original Anime “Luck and Logic” to Premiere in January 2016 – On Nov. 17, Bushiroad announced its new project titled “Luck and Logic.” The project is comprised of an original anime and trading card game (TCG). The anime Luck and Logic will begin broadcasting on Jan. 9, 2016, and the TCG will be released on Jan. 28. As a cross-media development, a manga will also be serialized.

“Luck and Logic” is a massive project among six companies: Bushiroad, Bandai Visual, Doga Kobo, Nitroplus, Lantis, and Yuhodo. At the center of development is the anime and TCG. The TV anime will premiere in January on Tokyo MX, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, and BS11.

A portion of the staff and cast have also been announced. Directing is Koichi Chigira from Last Exile and The Tower of Druaga, and the series composer is QueenB Yuuya Takahashi. In charge of original character designs and concept designs is Beyonetta’s Mari Shimazaki. With Norimitsu Kaiho, the author of School-Live!, participating too as “setting cooperator,” the staff lineup is one to look forward to. Lantis is creating the music and the animation is being produced by Doga Kobo.

The main cast includes Kensho Ono as main character Yoshichika Tsurugi and Sumire Uesaka as Athena. More than 10 cast members have been revealed, and the stellar lineup includes Risa Taneda, Nao Toyama, Sora Tokui, Ai Kayano, Kana Ueno, and Kosuke Toriumi. Even the anime’s sound director, Hozumi Goda, is participating in the cast too.
The theme songs have also been announced, with the opening theme being “Story” sung by Kensho Ono who plays the main character. The ending theme is “Meiyaku no Anata” by Emi Nitta.

Moreover, a short 1-minute slice-of-life anime titled Watashi-tachi, Rakuroji-bu! will air each time before the TV anime. A special Luck and Logic program will also air on Dec. 31. Even more information will be revealed in the coming days. Keep it here for more.

Source: otakumode