High School DxD OVA, Phi Brain Season 2

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  • Rex

    I want more episode of Highschool DXD rather than Phi Brain because the series was so interesting that many people want to see more ;)

  • Bosslike

    BROS, YOUR ANIME IS THE BEST THING EVER! Just watched the last episode and jizzed my pants! NICE, Cant wait for season 2! Love you bros.

  • DJ-BOY

    Please make season 2

  • Bright

    I would really love to watch High School DxD 2nd SEASON!!!!!

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  • skyaxe

    man, i want the season 2 to be released fast!!1

  • Leon

    Yeah, we want season 2, this anime is the best!!

  • yeah most certainly…hope they released it soon…

  • Asyong Salongpas

    Please Released it :(

  • valkyrie

    a second seasn as far as i know will start production after the OVA episodes of highschool dxd are finished

  • abcxyz

    my best anime i ever see :)

  • bima

    man…. the story of high school dxd is interesting, so… please release the 2nd season immediate.
    sory if my language not good, because i’m come from indonesian….

  • ____kira____

    e o melhor anime do mundo pra mim eu adoro highschool dxd.

  • unknowed

    do you think there will be a second season for high school dxd?
    the last episode actually made me wonder about the white dragon guy XD
    btw the ova is funny XD

  • Clbgrdnr

    Can’t wait for another, Best Echi that’s been released in a while :D Red Dragon vs White dragon… can’t wait to find out :D

  • DJ-BOY

    Can’t wait

  • ikntz

    pls make season2 this is the best eechi anime ever!!!!!!!thank you

  • DxDFan


  • renzo

    pls make season 2 this is the best anime ever, better than naruto shipudden and fairy tail i hope all of our comments will read this so he could make season 2

    from a highschool dxd fan
    Renzo From philippines

  • renzo

    i hope the author could read all of our comments

  • Ykaj

    Please release session 2… :(((((((((((((((

  • Kagumi

    C’mon Guys evryone wants season 2 So plisss release it ^^

  • nuigoshi

    at first i was like meh, but on the last episode, i became a big fan, specially when he showed his love for rias, you can really see something going off from there

  • Jay

    OMG awsome anime i really hope they make a season 2 it would be so good

  • mecloselove

    we all wait for season 2 DXD High School …. This is the best anime

  • ROFl

    we all want season 2 please release >< xD

  • Grayrook

    i know there is more to the story, look it up on wikipedia there is defenately more to this so the only question is when. MOAR l really like this series and want to see how it goes

  • sorush

    i can’t wait……booooooosted 3:)

  • Ruslan

    Hi, everybody! animes excellent, would let out the 2nd season rather

    p.s. I live in Russia I use the translator :)

  • Devon

    They better make a second season of high school DxD. It’s the most amazing anime i have ever seen (My opinion). It’s like my 4th or 5th time watching every episode i can’t get enough of it XD.

  • Omg please a season2… that movie is hilarious, but at the same time it has good and serious fighting scenes

  • disqus_BpoJmB2grv

    season 2 gonna be lots of disgusting scenes lol i read it from the novel.

    • AmunRA

      Hello My Friend, Do You Have any PDF or DJVU format of the novel, or any link to download it ?

    • rulax

      search on baka-tsuki

  • Woow