On April 24, Amazon.com lists that Sony Pictures Home Entertainment  will release both X-Men and Iron Man anime tv series, on DVD.  Both listings retail for US$19.99 for the complete series on two discs, and both list that the releases will include English audio only. Currently Amazon does not have any listings for Blu-ray Disc releases for either anime series, as well as for Wolverine and Blade anime tv series.

You can check the Amazon.com listings here:

Madhouse’s 12-episode anime adaptations of Marvel’s Iron Man and X-Men characters originally premiered on the G4 channel in July and October, respectively. The two series are part of a four-part collaboration between Marvel Comics and Madhouse Studios, which also includes the Wolverine and Blade television anime series. Wolverine premiered on G4 in July, and G4 began airing Blade on January 13. The disc information database TVShowsOnDVD.com is reporting that the discs will feature both Japanese and English 5.1 audio tracks as well as closed captions.