Accoriding to the latese issue of Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday, Wakoh Honna will end her Nozoki Ana spinoff manga known as ” Nozo x Kimi ” in the magazine’s next issue, which is scheduled to publish on April 15.

Nozoki Ana & Nozo x Kimi story:

The Nozoki Ana comedy follows a young man who discovers a tiny hole in a wall of his new room, and looks through it to see a girl on the other side. The spinoff manga Nozo x Kimi follows high school students Nozomi and Kimio, two other inhabitants of the same apartment complex as the characters in Nozoki Ana.


Nozo x Kimi manga ends on April 15

More information from ANN:

Wakoh Honna launched the spinoff manga in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine in 2011. The limited editions of the manga’s fourth, fifth, and sixth compiled book volumes all shipped with OVA episodes adapted from the manga. Shogakukan will ship the manga’s seventh compiled volume on April 17.Nozoki Ana itself inspired an original video anime that shipped on DVD with the 13th and final manga volume in February 2013, and then shipped on a standalone Blu-ray Disc release in May 2013. The manga also inspired a 2014 live-action film adaptation directed by Ataru Ueda and Kensuke Tsukuda.