“One Punch Man” Hands Off 2016 To “Mob Psycho 100” – At the beginning of December, Web manga site Ura Sunday announced that Bones (Blood Blockade Battlefront, Space Dandy) will be adapting ONE’s Mob Psycho 100 into a TV anime. ONE is also known as the author of theoriginal, self-published One-Punch Man, which was later remade with Yusuke Murata, and Murata closed out ’15 with a hand-off from Saitama. Get a look after the jump.

The series follows Kageyama “Mob” Shigeo, a psychic 8th-grader who tries to stay unnoticed and unexcited to avoid causing problems with his powers.




Murata also thanked the fans…

Mob Psycho 100 has made an appearance on anime studio Bone’s 2016 banner.


Source: crunchyroll