TOEI Animation announced that the CG remake movie of its anime Space Pirate Captain Harlock will be released in Japan at September 9, 2013. Harutoshi Fukui is the writer, who reconstructed the story to reflect the themes of modern society, and Shinji Aramaki is directing with the latest filmmaking technology.


Space Pirate Captain Harlock

Captain Harlock Storyline:

For many years a mighty battle has been raging across the galaxies as 500 billion humans, whose forebears were exiled from Earth, plan to return to what is still called home. Forced to flee a ravaged Earth, humans have now depleted the corners of the galaxy to which they fled. Earth has now become the most valued and precious resource of all, controlled by the corrupt Gaia Coalition which governs the human race across the different galaxies. Having been exiled and vilified during the battle of the Homecoming War, Captain Harlock and his trusted crew of the Arcadia battle cruiser are the only hope mankind has of discovering the secrets that the Gaia have kept hidden. The Coalition has demanded Harlock’s death and the Gaia Fleet’s new leader, Ezra, calls on his younger brother, Logan, to infiltrate the Arcadia and then assassinate Harlock, thus forever eradicating the one man standing between the Coalition and their complete control of the Universe. Logan must make a very personal…

Space Pirate Captain Harlock HD CG Trailer 2013