A government trained assassin in life, A vengeful hellspawn in death. Brought back from the dead to join Hell’s army and release his carnage on anyone that may get in his way. Heaven and Hell battle for his already torn soul, while he wanders the alleys protecting the innocent and destroying the corrupt who disrupt the lives of the innocent. In the meantime he faces the tragedy of his death and the fact that he has been sent to Hell and he must also face the reality of losing his wife to an old friend.


The series centered around the story of an ex-serviceman who fought in the Vietnam war as a commando named Al Simmons. He was betrayed and killed by a man whom he believed to be his close friend (Chapel). Upon his death, Simmons vowed revenge on Chapel and hoped that he would one day return to his beloved wife Wanda.

In order to accomplish his vow, he makes a pact with the Malebolgia. The pact was a simple one: Simmons would become a Soldier in Malebolgia’s army in return for the ability to walk the earth once again in order to see Wanda. Simmons was tricked however and his body was not returned to him. Simmons had instead been given a different body which was a festering, pungently cadaverous, maggot-ridden walking corpse that had a massive living red cape attached to it. The head of this new body had been rotten for some time and was in an advanced state of decay, which led to Simmons donning a mask in order to cover its grotesque appearance.

Upon his return to “life”, Spawn seeks out Wanda, who had apparently got over the grief of having lost Al and married another man, Al’s best friend Terry Fitzgerald with whom she seemingly had a daughter. Terry, a respectable man, works for a man named Jason Wynn. Wynn is a black-market arms dealer, amongst other things, and is revealed to be the man responsible for ordering the death of Al Simmons due to a disagreement the two had between each other. Jason’s actions would also prove dangerous to the lives of Terry, Wanda and their daughter as well. Al, realizing that he is no longer the man in Wanda’s life, swears to protect her and her new family.

Epsiode List:

01 Burning Visions  
02 Evil Intent  
03 No Rest, No Peace  
04 Dominoes  
05 Souls in the Balance  
06 Endgame  
07 Home, Bitter Home  
08 Access Denied  
09 Colors of Blood  
10 Send in the KKKlowns  
11 Deathblow  
12 Hellzapoppin  
13 The Mindkiller  
14 Twitch Is Down  
15 Seed of the Hellspawn  
16 Hunter’s Moon  
17 Chasing the Serpent  
18 Prophecy