Supernatural, the popular live-action, CW occult/horror series has spawned: 10 books, a bi-monthly magazine, a comic series, a 2010 People’s Choice Award for Favourite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show, and a fiercely loyal fan following. Now the saga of brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, and their continuing fight to keep the world safe from plotting angels, demons, and things that go bump in the night, is about to be unleashed on the world as a new anime series! That’s right, Supernatural: The Anime Series has just announced a July, 26th 2011 export release date for Warner Home Video on Blu-Ray, DVD, On Demand, and download. This new series will mirror the story arc of seasons one and two, as well as provide prequels, spin-offs, and supplemental stories that all fit nicely within the Supernatural mythology.



01 The Alter Ego
02 RoadKill
03 Home
04 Ghost on the Highway
05 Savage Blood
06 Till Death Do us Part
07 Temptation of the Demon
08 Everlasting Love
09 The Spirit of Vegas
10 Moonlight
11 Nightmare
12 Darkness Calling
13 What Lives in the Lake
14 Reunion
15 Devil’s Trap
16 In my Time of Dying
17 Rising Son
18 Crossroad
19 Loser
20 What is and what should never be
21 All Hell Breaks Lose – Part 1
22 All Hell Breaks Lose – Part 2


Click the image below to see a short summary of each episode. Warning! Spoiler Alert!