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Netflix Adds Detective Conan Anime Streaming

Netflix Adds Detective Conan Anime Streaming – Video distribution service Netflix is now streaming 52 episodes of Detective Conan. The series is not listed under the title “Case Closed” that has been used for...

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This Anime Wants to Help You Work Out

This Anime Wants to Help You Work Out – I’m no stranger to working out to anime, but this is the first time I’ve actually had the anime characters work out alongside me. Last...

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Teekyu green-lit for 5th season

This Tuesday the anime series Teekyu premiered, and there was also an announcement that a fifth season has been greenlit. Kana Hanazawa, the voice of Marimo Bando in the anime, will perform the fifth season’s theme...

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Nozo x Kimi manga ends on April 15

Accoriding to the latese issue of Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday, Wakoh Honna will end her Nozoki Ana spinoff manga known as ” Nozo x Kimi ” in the magazine’s next issue, which is scheduled...

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Setoutsumi manga is getting a movie

Kazuya Konomoto’s Setoutsumi manga on its latest volume is revealing on Wednesday that the manga will receive a film adaptation. If the film would be animated or live action is not clear yet.

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Knights of Sidonia gets spinoff manga

Knights of Sidonia (by Tsutomu Nihei) is getting 2 one-shot spinoff mangas. The first will be from Yayoi Ogawa (known for Tramps Like Us, Kimi wa Pet and Ginban Kishi) and the second from Myako Iwako.

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7 Cringe-Worthy Villain Deaths

The more hated the villain the more satisfying it is when they meet their end. In the laws of fiction, the deaths grow more gruesome depending upon the heinousness of the villain’s actions. This...